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How to Compliment Another Person

by Michelle Evans


Image Source: Shutterstock/Nosnibor137

Believe it or not, a good compliment costs you nothing. The challenge is knowing how to give a good compliment that has meaning to another person. Sometimes, we fail to see the importance of ensuring that our words have real meaning. Compliments have a way of becoming self-serving under the wrong circumstances and may on occasion be laden with sarcasm in a tense environment. 

Compliments should not be superficial. In other words, compliments about the physical appearance are nice, but speaking about someone's spirit or kind soul is far more meaningful than a compliment about the dress they are wearing or haircut. 

A genuine compliment should not be mechanical in nature, but it may require you to plan ahead sometimes. The next time someone does something well, take a few seconds to acknowledge that you have an appreciation for the skill and ability it takes to behave or act in such a manner. Finding what's wrong is often easy and calling out mistakes often seems to come naturally to us. However, seeing what's good and admitting the overall impact to yourself and others takes a bit of effort.

Here are ten easy compliments to say to someone. 

1. I enjoy spending time with you.

2. You always make me laugh.

3. You have a good heart.

4. You are a good person.

5. Thank you for being you. (Be prepared to tell them what that means in case you are asked)

6. You tell the best stories.

7. You have the best ability to remember the things. 

8. You do a great job taking care of so many people.

9. I am so thankful that I work with you. 

10. I'm so glad that you are my friend.