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Summer Fitness: Five Tricks to Stay Fit this Summer


Summer fitness can be a challenge for some of us who are not so inclined to want to stay on schedule during summer months. However, as always, with a bit of creativity and fun, we can trick the scale and our metabolism by engaging in activities that might deviate from our norm. Here are five tricks to help you stay fit this summer!

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Sign Up for a Fun Run

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Fun runs are a great way to get in your exercise and they can trick you into training for them at the same time. While you may not be looking to win the race, you will see the need to train so that if for no other reason, you are able to successfully complete the race without injury or incident. Also, its a wonderful way to acquire a new t-shirt. 

Bring Your Fitness Gear With You On Vacation

Planning a vacation? Take your fitness gear with you on your next trip. Most hotels offer free access to their fitness facility and are equipped with indoor pools. All you need is 30 minutes a day and what better way to stay on track than taking the time for a quick workout at the gym? 

Go for a Swim

Speaking of swimming pools...replace one of your workouts with a swim. Not a swimmer? That's okay too! There are a plethora of water aerobics and water fitness classes (i.e. water zumba) that you can use to replace one of your standard workouts. Water aerobics can prove especially beneficial for those who need low impact exercises that reduce the risk for weight on their joints or injury. 

Take a Hike with Your Friends

Take a hike with your friends. You can plan a vacation or do a bit of research to find local trails that offer just enough of a challenge to get your heart rate pumping and initiate calories to start burning. Hiking is a great way to get out of the office and your house and clear your mind. 

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Find a Free Outdoor Yoga Class

It's summer time! Fitness groups often gather outdoors during summer months to partake in the good fortune of warm weather. Find a free outdoor yoga group. Its a great way to meet new people, get outdoors, and enjoy the summer.