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Smartphone Addiction: Two Signs You Are Addicted to Your Smartphone

by MSTY Staff Writers


Can't seem to step away from your smartphone? It's understandable. Smartphones have become a lifeline for so many things we do in our everyday lives. From selfies to gaming to work to workouts to organization to reading books, a guy or gal could easily have one of these permanently attached to their hand. Smartphones are a one-stop shop for our day-to-day existence on multiple fronts.

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Despite the many enticing facets of smartphone technology, most of us know when its time to step away from the smartphone. However, there are some who may not realize they are developing an addiction for their smartphone all of the amenities it offers.  

Let's consider the meaning of addiction. Addiction has everything to do with one's inability to control a repetitive action or behavior despite the potential outcome or consequences that one might associate with the behavior.

According to a recent Health Day article, there are two warning signs you should keep an eye out for to determine if you are suffering from an unknown smartphone addiction. 

Your Smartphone Interferes with Your Life 

The Cleveland Clinic's Center for Behavioral Health, states that if your smartphone is interfering with your day to day life, it could be a sign that you have an addiction for this amazing little gadget. Like any addiction,  the way to gauge the extent of your addiction is to evaluate your behavior. If you find yourself distracted by the mere thought of your phone --even when you are not holding it or in the presence of your phone, this may be a clear indication of smart phone addiction.

Smartphone Withdrawal Symptoms

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Just as a drug addict or someone experiencing alcohol addiction might suffer from withdrawal symptoms upon trying to quit their nasty habit, those who suffer from smartphone addiction are also at risk to experience some form of withdrawal.

If you find that you are irritable and moody without it, this may be a tell-tale sign of smartphone addiction. 

The good news is that one can take several steps to take control of their lives and reduce their addiction to the smart phone. Here are three simple tips to help you start.

  1.  Schedule time to put your phone away each day. Ideally, you want to put it out of your line of sight to reduce temptation.
  2. Set daily goals to do something other than use your phone. You can use the time to read, take a walk, spending time with your family or watch television. 
  3. Identify some time to meditate without any noise or interference around you for a period of time each day. 

Smartphone Addiction Test

Are you addicted to your smartphone?

Source: HealthDay, Accessed May 23, 2017