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Improve Your Sleep Experience with These Tips

Looking to improve your sleep experience. There are a few things that you can do to improve the quality and quantity of sleep that you get.
  1. Avoid caffeinated or sugary drinks after lunch.
  2.  Research your sleep pattern and make note of what does or doesn't work.
  3. How much sleep do you need to feel functional? How much sleep do you require to be at your best of best performance? Use the answers to these questions to set a schedule.

Image Source: Bigstock Photo/Andrey Popov

Image Source: Bigstock Photo


4.  Remove or decrease the amount of noise in your environment. Do you like to fall asleep with the television on? Beware that you may not be getting the kind of sleep you need in order to be well-rested. Experts say that soft music may be okay if it aids in sleep, but be wary of loud noises as this will decrease the quality of sleep.   

5.  Get rid of that old mattress. A bad mattress can lead to back aches which leads to a more restless sleep experience. Go to the store and test a few out. Do you need a firm mattress or a softer mattress? Its up to you to figure out which one is going to allow you to rest the easiest.

6.  Try to limit your stress level at bedtime. Is there something on your mind? Write it down so that you can address it in the morning and forget about it at night.


7.  Take care of your health and ensure any conditions that you have are under control. For example, someone with poorly controlled asthma is at risk for an altered and poor sleep night of sleep due to coughing or other symptoms that are consistent with shortness of breath.

8.  If you're feeling tired despite the fact that you believe you are getting enough sleep at night, go to the doctor to rule out any sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

9. Consider taking a power nap during the day --perhaps at lunch. These can help to revive your spirit.

10.  Finally...Relax at bedtime.

Image Source: Bigstock Photo