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5 Steps to Self-Empowerment

by MSTY Writers

Updated June 21, 2018


Looking for ways to gain a bit of power in your own life? Self-Empowerment is one way to do so. There are a few ways that you can empower yourself. First, it requires taking a step outside of yourself to form an honest view of where your power truly lives.

Empowerment of one's self creates a sense of meaning, competence, self-determination, and an understanding of self-awareness and impact. Big changes cannot happen overnight, however, they can happen in small steps.

Here are three steps every woman should take to empower herself.

1. Take Control of Your World

Take control of your world. Get rid of those things that create a negative vibe or energy space in your life. This step may include making changes that range from making a job or career change to ending toxic relationships to improving those that need a bit of work. 

If you are religious, rebuild your faith, and strengthen your relationship with God. If you are not religious, strengthen your faith in yourself. Learn more about the things that make you happy and those things that work against you. 

2. Discover and Build On Your Gift

Steve Harvey said it best when he pointed out that each of us are born with a gift. If you don't know what your gift is --find it. If you do know what your gift is then build on it. After all, its probably the greatest strength you have and will ultimately lead to you finding your happiness.

3. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses but Celebrate Your Strengths

Acknowledge your weaknesses. If your weaknesses in the past have resulted in mistakes, figure out what you can do to learn from them. What was the lesson gained with each mistake? Immerse yourself in events or opportunities that force you to confront your weaknesses. In each moment, learn what it is that would give you more power in those situations.

Don't forget to celebrate your strengths! Dwelling on those weaknesses will only get you so far in life. Identify your strengths and let them guide you.

4. Know Your Worth

Take bold steps to celebrate your worth. Recognize you are just as good as anyone else in the room. Your are not beneath anyone nor should you "feel lucky" that someone chooses to spend time in your presence. 

5. Become Self-Reliant

This suggestion may leave you feeling uneasy but it should not. Becoming self-reliant does not mean you have to discard the importance of having caring and loving people in your life. Instead, you learn how to make decisions and problem-solve for yourself. It means allowing yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. 

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