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by MSTY Writer Staff 

Protective styling may help to keep things simple, but keeping your braids and twists fresh is not without its challenges. Even when wearing the best of styles, you still have to combat episodes of shaggy tresses, slipping hair and fuzzy edges.

Finding ways to minimize friction, avoiding getting your hair wet and dodging general build-up on your scalp and hair associated with dust, hair products and environmental elements can be a real challenge. Who knew that protective styling could potentially be so much work?

Thankfully, there are dozens of hair accessories in the marketplace designed to keep your hair dry and free of those knarly things that can destroy a good protective style. Here are our top picks for protective style must-haves.

Protective Style Must-Haves

#1 Extra Long Satin Bonnet Night Sleep Caps

Preservation of a good protective style often begins in the bedroom. Silk or satin bonnets have gained an amazing reputation for not only protecting your hair from unnecessary breakage, but they can help to preserve your style, gaining you anywhere from an additional one to two weeks of additional wear. Extra Long Satin Bonnets not only protect your style but help to reduce the degree of friction that may occur as a result bonnets that are ill-fitting or likely to slide off. 

#2 Super Jumbo Shower Cap

It can be extremely difficult to fit braids and twists beneath your standard shower cap. There's good news. Finding the perfect shower cap for braids and twists is no longer imposssible. The Magic Collection Jumbo Braid and Shower Cap offers naturalistas a path to cleanliness without compromising the integrity of their precious locs, braids and twists with splashes of shower water. 

#3 Extra Large Swim Cap

The Dsane Extra Large Swimming Cap for Women and Men is an exciting creation for men and women of color who have extra-thick hair or those who wear protective styles like braids, twists or dreads, who desire to take a swim without having to submerge their tresses into the salty ocean or chlorine-filled pool.

#4 Luxury Satin Pillow

Sometimes, you don't feel like tying your hair up or tucking it beneath a bonnet. Satin pillows are an excellent alterntive solution for those who would prefer to sleep without the fuss of wearing something on their head. 

#5 Stay On Wrap Scarf

Another amazing option for minimizing the risk for breakage or shaggy hair are scarves such as the Stay On Wrap Scarf

#6 Traditional Satin Bonnet

Bonnets may be getting a bad wrap these days for not being stylish in public, but there is an evolution of fashion underway for the traditional bonnet's stylings. Designers are giving naturalistas the option to be a bit more fashionable and we are  hear for it.