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The Pros and Cons of Being Natural According to Four Naturalistas

by Calynn Lawrence


Natural hair is a lovely thing to possess. However, you probably know that it is certainly not the easiest thing to maintain all of the time. This article is a poll that was taken among women to get a feel for their favorite and least favorite thing about being natural. Names have been changed to protect their identities.

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Alana, a professional dancer, says that being a natural is great but she wishes that her hair was not so dry. She quotes, “I love being a natural. My ringlet curls are the bomb and I honestly would not trade them for a silky texture. But, I do hate the fact that my hair eats up moisture so fast! I have tried so many different creams, butters and lotions but nothing works! I am starting to think that my hair is just meant to be as dry as the desert.”

Cara, an aspiring medical professional, says that she loves the versatility of her natural hair yet she can't stand how quickly it reverts from the styles. She quotes, “I like the fact that natural hair can be anything that you want it to be. It is extremely diverse! You can wear it curly, straight, wavy, picked out, anything. However, I hate how fast my hair will revert from the styles that I complete. For instance, when I straighten my hair it will take me 3 hours to get it good. But, I question if it's really worth the efoort and the heat because my hair reverts within 3 days. I think that it is a price to pay for the healthy fro that I have, but I do wish that it were different!”

Nia, a pre school volunteer, says that she loves that her natural hair is super duper thick and voluminous but she hates the fact that she uses so much hair product. She quotes , “I think that my hair is much more loveable in its natural state because it is extra thick and has sooo much volume. It's crazy! But, I do not like the fact that I have to seriously use upwards of 10 different hair care products just to maintain it. Also, because I have a crap ton of hair, I go through products like water so it can be very expensive. All of these natural hair lines wanna charge you a fortune just to be able to maintain your hair! (shakes head) It's a plum shame. Back when I was relaxed, I only needed 4 products which were shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and heat protectant. I may have spent $20 a month. But now, I need creams and butters and sulfate free shampoo and hair masques and essential oils and it gets pretty pricey. I went from $20 a month to $200 a month. I guess it all pays off in the end though!”


Vicky, a professional blogger, says that she likes the fact that her natural hair is able to grow really long but she hates that it takes forever to detangle! She quotes, “All my life I had relaxed hair. And, it was always nice and neat the way my mother styled it. She made sure that there was not one hair out of place. But, it was never able to grow past my shoulders either because I was frequently getting the perms and relaxers to keep it so very in straight. Once I went natural, I was able to grow my hair all the way to my waist and everyone would constantly compliment me. Little did they know that it took me 30 minutes just to denappify my hair that morning. (insert laugh here) I was always grateful for their kind words but I would think to myself how much they did not understand my struggles with detangling. Would I ever consider getting a relaxer again? No, but I do miss the ease of having one at times.

There you have it! Those are your answers from your fellow naturalistas about their favorite and least favorite things about having natural hair. Everything has a pro and a con so please do not take it personally, it's all opinions here and they do not apply to everyone!