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Natural Hair in the Media

by Calynn Lawrence


Image Source: Bigstock Photo/Kathclick

For decades, natural hair has been looked at as being casual, unkempt and effortless. However, within recent years there has been a natural hair movement similar to the 1970's where “afro” is all the rage.  The question is: How Is Natural Hair Portrayed In The Media? 

This is important to recognize because the media is our main source of mass information about the latest trends, social stigmas, acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and habits and anything else that categorizes us within the status quo. 

This article is going to give you 4 examples of people/ characters /companies in the media that influence society's views on natural hair!

Natural Hair Vloggers

Natural hair YouTubers are one of the main influences for the sudden popularity of natural hair. This is because they openly promote the aesthetic of having curly hair. Also, by uploading tutorials that educate women of color on how to properly take care of their hair, they are helping them to come to grips with their God- given texture. 


Image Source: Naptural85/Youtube Vlogger

It is hard to dispute the power of social media! When women are able to visibly see the versatility of having natural hair along with the simplistic ways to achieve lovely hairdos, they feel empowered to embark upon their own natural hair journey!

Increase in Natural Hair Care Products

Cantu Natural Hair Care Products

Back in the good old days, our mothers and grandmothers were likely avid users of the grease and water method! This is because in previous years there was a lack of ethnic hair care products that catered towards natural hair. Many of things were either geared towards having a relaxer, texturizer, Jerri Curl, perm set or some other form of chemical process. That is fine and all because each one of these styles can be rocked by a lovely lady of color. 

However, that left the natural sistas with very few resources to care for and style their hair. Now, there are countless emerging natural hair care lines that are tailored for kinks, curls, knots and naps! Things such as essential hair oils, potent moisturizer lotion, hair vitamins, deep conditioners, sulfate free hair cleansers, organic hair dyes, leave in treatments, wide tooth comb, specialized hair brushes, satin bonnets and many more are vital contributors. This makes it so much easier for you to maintain your texture.

Increased Protective Styling and Low Maintenance Styling Options

Image Source: Hairfinity

Protective styling and low maintenance styling is one of the most important tools that is required for transitioning to natural hair. Things such as braids, wigs and weaves always existed. However, the increase in availability and diversity along with a decrease in price has been an awesome incentive to go natural! Lace wigs were rare occasion before the latest natural hair movement. Now, lace wigs have become as common as getting a sew in weave because of their ease and longevity. 

You can braid up your real hair underneath, rotate your lace wigs for fun hairstyles and keep your natural hair protected for weeks at a time. This also eliminates excess product usage seeing as how your hair will be tucked away. Another great tool is making good use of low maintenance styling. These are things such as braid outs, twist outs, bantu knot outs and main others. Styles that are low maintenance likely require little to no heat and they minimize breakage and pulling! So, be sure to try them out especially in the warmer months because your curls will surely thank you!

Celebrity Encouragement

What's the fastest way to get something noticed? Enroll celebrity ambassadors! Natural hair has become the go-to style on the red carpet, in magazines and all over celebrity social media. We have always had the original MVP's that promoted their texture such as India Arie, Alicia Keys and Tracie Ellis Ross. However, we now have stars like Solange Knowles, Raven Symone, Viola Davis and many more! We must say we do enjoy seeing them rock their afros every time!

Image Source: Bigstock Photo/Kathclick

Obviously, there is no universal reason for why someone goes natural. But, there are very apparent influences that could have a weigh on your choice to do so or not to do so. Whatever your hair preference, you are still beautiful because the hair on your head does not define you as a woman, person or individual.

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