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Seven Natural Hair Gurus on YouTube

by Calynn Lawrence

Within the last few years, going natural has been made much easier. How? Well, with the spark of YouTube and blogging, many people have the guidance of what are known as “natural hair gurus.” These are women who upload instructional blog posts, pictorials or tutorial videos showing people how to style and care for their natural hair. What a blessing they are to the natural hair community! This article is going to give you the run down on the Top 7 Natural Hair Gurus. Here they are.

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African Export

AfricanExport is a natural hair guru who keeps it real and keeps you informed! Her blissfully blatant attitude has earned her almost 200,000 YouTube subscribers and over 19 million video views! Her resume doesn't stop there, she also sings and makes music as another passion of hers. This is all in addition to being a wife and a mother. Switching it up is a regular part of her schedule. 

She loves trying things that are fresh and new, including hairstyles! If you want to watch someone who will give you their honest take on anything from wigs and weaves to wavy braid outs, she is the one for you! You can subscribe to her @AfricanExport on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Taren Guy

Taren Guy is a very well known natural hair guru, who prides herself on representing the looser textured naturals. She has a sweet personality that draws in her viewers and just entices you to watch more! She has come a long way from making web cam videos to collaborating with hair salons, corporations and charities! 

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She always has something positive to bring to the natural hair community. She has almost 250,000 YouTube subscribers and over 22 million video views! If you are someone who loves an optimistic viewpoint, she's the girl for you. You can subscribe to her YouTube @Taren916 or follow her Twitter and Instagram @TarenGuy.


She may not be yet as popular as the other natural hair gurus yet but she sure is worth the watch! She's a young, fiesty latina with a bangin' curly fro and a sassy take on life. She believes in the art of simplicity and is definitely a product minimalist, but this does wonders for her hair. One of few biracial-African American and Puerto Rican- natural hair enthusiasts on the Y.T. (YouTube), she carries her own. 

That uniqueness is what has helped her gain almost 60,000 YouTube subscribers and almost 5 million video views! You can subscribe to her YouTube @msariella89 and @arispella for Twitter and Instagram!


She may be newly natural, but she is no stranger to healthy hair care. Having recently started her third transition to becoming natural again, she has had the best of both worlds:being relaxed and natural. 

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She managed to grow her hair past her waist multiple times before chopping it off and will surely do so again. In addition to hair, she is a beauty guru and has tons of tips for makeup. This has earned her almost 50,000 subscribers and over 4.5 million video views! If you would like to see more of her, you can subscribe to her on YouTube @kissseventyseven and @Traycee77 on Instagram!


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She's cool, calm, collected and very classy. She's Naptural85. She is one natural hair guru who has hair to impress, but she doesn't get a big head about it. With super long, very thick, happily healthy hair, she uses this as the vehicle to help educate fellow naturals in reaching their goals. 

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With a very serene demeanor, she is the easy listening of YouTube. This has earned her over 550,000 subscribers on YouTube and almost 44 million video views! If you would like to see more of her, you can subscribe to her @Naptural85 on YouTube and Twitter and @Nap85 on Twitter.


This lovely Latina, has indeed curls of envy. Not only is she pretty but she has hair to gawk at. Known for multiple talents such as fashion modeling and fitness competition, she has a widely diverse audience. Her humble but hungry attitude has earned her almost 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 22 million video views! If you would like to see more of her, then you can subscribe to her on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram @sunkissalba.

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Chara Joyner

She is the tried and true Weave Doctor! She is Chara Joyner. A hairstylist veteran, and hair extension specialist, her comedic yet skilled approach to natural hair care is quite entertaining. She will always leave you laughing and learning with her informal vlogs detailing discussions about natural hair and extensions amongst her clients and coworkers. Her goal is to teach and to preach, helping all of her audience to gain knowledge, no matter how tactless she can be at times. This has awarded her almost 10,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 1 million video views! If you want someone live and raw who will keep you watching, she's the one for you! You can subscribe to her YouTube @charajoyner or join her Instagram @houstonweaves.

There you are, those are your top 7 natural hair gurus. Check them out and you'll certainly be hooked.

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