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The Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

by Evangelista Shelton


Looking for a way to slowly wean yourself away from sodas while boosting your water intake? Consider adding lemons to your water.

Let's face it, plain water is not always the most appetizing in taste. Most of us would far rather drink the sweet syrup of a carbonated beverage or even a sweet fruit juice or tea. However, the reality is...we need to boost our water intake in order to reduce the amount of sugar we drink, improve our overall hydration and general health.

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What are the Benefits of Lemon Water?

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Although most studies are inconclusive, consumption of lemon water has been linked to weight loss in anecdotal fashion. Coupled with honey, warm lemon water is said to help boost efforts to lose weight. This is mainly related to it suppressing the appetite.

Next, drinking lemon water on a daily basis can improve your skin. Thanks to vitamin C, lemons have a natural ability to help rejuvenate the skin. 

Lemon water is also good for the digestive track.  This is especially true when lemon is added to warm or hot water. Lemon water has the ability to relieve nausea, heartburn and bloating.

Lemon water can act as a liver detox agent, help to increase bile production, helping the liver to produce bile. 

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How Much Lemon Water Should You Drink?

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To reap the true benefits of lemon water, 

slice a whole lemon into several slices and add them to a glass of water should be preferred. For maximum benefit, drink the lemon water two times a day. Feel free to dilute your lemon water as you see fit. 


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