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Color Me Perfect; Hair Dye Tips You Need to Know


If there is one thing that we love to do to's to try a new hair color. Whether it is simply touching up our natural hair colors, adding a few highlights or lowlights, or even trying a daring, possibly funky, new color, coloring can be fun. It can also be dangerous at the same time. While at home coloring can be well and good, if you are on a budget, there are a few things you should avoid when coloring your hair at home.

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Here are three tips consider should you decide to color your hair at home.

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Never Buy a Box of Hair Dye Because of a Picture

Many people decide on a whim to dye their hair based on the picture on the hair dye box. The thing most don't take into account is that we all have different hair and the photo is of someone whose hair was professionally dyed.

While the people on the box have a brilliant color, it doesn't mean the dye will make your hair the same. It's always smart to get a color that is either lighter or darker than the shade you want. Chances are that your hair could end up the light or dark shade you want!

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Always Color Carefully

Coloring your own hair can be a bit of a battle. Most people usually end up staining their scalp, forehead, even their shoulders or neck. This shows that you went the cheap way and did your hair at home instead of going to a salon. The trick to avoiding staining yourself is applying vaseline to your forehead and other areas prone to staining, and having old towels around to wear over your shoulders and where you are coloring your hair (bathroom sink, kitchen area, etc.) This keeps you from staining yourself, your clothes, your beautiful marble or granite sink as well as your furniture and walls.

Choose Two Colors when Covering Gray

Let's face we age, gray hair becomes an ever present part of us. You can either embrace it or you can cover it. If you elect to cover your gray keep in mind that one color just might not cut it.

If you want to successfully cover your graying hair, use two different colors that are around the same shade. If you want to be blonde, use a darker blonde color first and then a couple shades of a lighter blonde.

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If you want to be a brunette, use a dark brown and then a shade or two lighter brown. This keeps the color from fading quicker than it usually would, which saves you money and a possible stress and agitation headache.
Coloring your hair is something we all do at some point in our lives. However, when it comes to picking the right color, or finding the right dye, we all can mess up. These three crucial tips can help you with your hair coloring journey when trying to color your hair correctly and choose the right shade for yourself. Good luck!