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Tasty Treats – 5 Apps to Create Great Meals Right in Your Own Kitchen

by LaToya Gilbert


Tired of cooking the same meals? Here are some apps to help you spice up your kitchen. You don’t have to be a chef, or create complicated meals. Many of these apps have simple ingredients that create meals with a lot of flavor and pizazz.

Image Source: Bigstock Photo/Elenathewise

All Recipes – Dinner Spinner 4.3 stars

Don’t know what you want to eat? Select the amount of time you want to spend cooking, the meal category (appetizer, entrée, dessert, etc.), and your primary ingredient. Press the spinner button (or shake to spin), and you have new recipes at your fingertips. This app is a lot of fun. It creates a lot of options when you’re really not sure which direction you want to go for your meal. This app also includes reviews for the each recipe. Not sure you’re doing it right? This app offers do it your videos to walk you through the recipe.

Smoothie Recipes (Happiness) 3.6 stars

This app offers 25 tasty recipes. The smoothie recipes are all created with simple ingredients – other sites have complex ingredients that you likely will not have readily available in your home. The app also provides health stats – calories, protein, carbs, fat, fiber, sodium, and allows you to share to social media networks.

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This app rated lower than some of the others, but I prefer this one for its simplicity. I am more likely to use this app because I’m more likely to have the ingredients on hand to make many of the recipes. Let’s face it, fresh ingredients are expensive, and have a short refrigerator life. You definitely want to be able to mix and match the ingredients you have, so you don’t waste your money. (Note: This app is only available on Android devices. On Apple devices, try 100+ Smoothie Recipes. This app does not provide nutrition information, but definitely has simple, tasty recipes.)

Food Network ß4.4 stars

Cook like your favorite chef from the Food Network. Choose from their very own recipes. This app allows you to watch recorded cooking videos – get the recipe, and see exactly how it’s done. Of course we’re not all professionals, like the chefs on Food Network. This app includes a unit converter, for measurements, so you can get the recipes just right. This also comes with a twist. Make the recipes your own – the app allows you to make your own personal notes about the recipe

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Drink and Cocktail Recipes (8500 + Drink Recipes) 4.5 stars

Need a little something to quench your thirst? The Drink and Cocktail app offers 8500+ alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes. You can select recipes by categories (beer, cocktails, coffee/tea, milkshakes, punch/party drinks, shots, etc.). Do you have a specific flavor in mind, but don’t really know what you’re in the mood for? Select your ingredient, and get a list of recipes that include that ingredient. Not sure what you’re in the mood for, shake your device and let the app select one for you at random. Once you’ve found your favorites, you have the option to create a Favorites list, which allows you to return to your tasty treats.

Yummly 4.5 stars

Just looking at this app makes me hungry. If you’re a person who sees food, and you want to eat it, this app is for you! This app provides vibrant pictures of fabulous-looking dishes. This app has some very cool features. Are you Vegan, gluten free, allergic to nuts? Create filters for dietary preferences with this app, to limit the recipes returned for your search. Are your general food preferences saltier, sweeter, or spicier than most people? Adjusts your “tastes” filter to get the dishes that are just right for you. Want to try a new cooking technique (e.g., stir frying, broiling, brining, grilling, stuffing)? Add a filter to get recipes specific to your technique. Ready to experiment with different cuisines? Pick your preference (e.g., kid-friendly meals, Mediterranean, Thai, Cuban) and start cooking. Are you on a diet that limits you to specific calories, carb, or fat intakes? You can control that too. Adjust the limits for your diet, and find recipes that meet your exact needs.

Are you hungry yet? What are you waiting for? All of these apps are right at your fingertips on both Apple and Android devices. So download your favorites, make your shopping list, get started with your new creations, and enjoy your meals! Your tummy will thank you!