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The Do's and Don'ts of Hair Dye

by Calynn Lawrence

Hair color can be a great thing to experiment with! Dying your hair can add fun, style and pizzazz to your hair. However, when in this process you want to be sure that you follow the basic guidelines for healthy chemically treated hair. This article will give you the top do's and don'ts of dying your hair.

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Do Not Dye Your Hair if it is Already Damaged!

Do not dye your hair if it is already damaged! Contrary to popular belief, dying your hair can be just as damaging or even more damaging as relaxing it. It all depends on the extremity of the hair dye and the current condition of your hair. Likely, if your hair is already chemically treated then a rinse would be better suited for you than a dye because a rinse provides temporary color with little to no effect on the hair's health.

Explore Your Color Options!
You want to be sure that you pick the right hair color before going through the trouble of dying it. This is because hair color in general is going to weaken the hair. Therefore, if you regret your color choice and wish to change it, you will be adding unnecessary strain on your strands. You can browse hair colors on the internet or even visit your local beauty supply store for ideas.

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Recognize Different Avenues!

When coloring your hair, you want to be fully aware of which avenue you want to use to color the hair. There's box dye, rinses, henna etc. With so many different ways to alter your hue, you should be mindful of which is best for you. For example, a box dye is the most easily accessible yet it is the most damaging. Also, a rinse is the least damaging but only lasts 2-4 weeks. Do you want health or stability? This is a choice you will have to consider.

Do Not Bleach Your Hair!
Hair bleaching is to only be done by professionals. This is because bleach is extremely detrimental to the hair and if it isn't handled with the utmost precaution, it can leave you bald. Therefore, try to avoid going too light if you can because avoiding bleach all together is always the best option!
Keep Up on Your Hair Proteins

When you color your hair, maintaining a consistent protein regimen. Using a hair masque before you dye your hair is vital because when you chemically alter your hair you are breaking down the keratin bonds and “damaging” the hair. If you continually add protein back into your hair by using protein masques on a bi weekly basis, the hair is regaining those needed elements. Lack of protein results in weak, frail hair that is prone to thinning and limp lifelessness. However, do not exceed your protein limitations. Every hair type is different. Depending how stressed your hair is, you will need to gage different amounts for you and your hair routine. Too much protein will leave the hair hard and dry.

Moisturize on a Regular Basis

The key to retaining length is to keep up on your moisture regimen. This does not simply mean conditioning when you wash. You want to deep condition at least twice a month, along with an alternating protein regimen. You want to use a moisturizing hair lotion along with a sealant on a regular basis and avoid skipping days! This is going to keep your hair soft and silky.

Only Retouch Hair Every Six Weeks
As hard as it may be for some people to allow their natural roots to show, this is vital to maintaining the health and length of your hair. Allowing 6 weeks between touch ups will let the hair grow out approximately an inch so that you may avoid unnecessary overlapping of color or chemicals. This way, you will not be adding unneeded damage to the length of the hair.

Step Back on the Sulfates

When you have color deposited into your hair, you want to do everything you can to preserve it. You don't want to wash it down the drain. Try shampooing your hair less often than before. If you originally shampooed twice a week, cut it back to once a week. If it was weekly, try bi weekly.  Now that you have the top tips for coloring your hair, you can make an informed decision about which way you want to go!

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 Applying these tips in your hair regimen will definitely benefit both you and the longevity of your hair.