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MSTY's Beauty Supply Spotlight: Carol's Daughter's Curly Loc Butter

by Evangelista Shelton


For the last several months, I have been twisting my own hair using Freetress Equal Urban Soft Dread hair to create a curly mass of twists and curls and Carol's Daughter's Curly Loc Butter as a soft hold agent. I have used several twist and loc gels and hair wax pomades but this product seems to work best on my hair. 

First, let me start by saying that my own hair is shoulder length but I like to add the Freetress hair in to create a beautiful curl pattern as well as volume. It usually takes anywhere from 5-6 hours to twist my hair but Carol's Daughter Loc Butter really does the trick so I felt the need to share this review. 

Image Source: Freetress Equal Softdreads

Image Source: Carols Daughter

Here are a few results I have noticed in using this product: 
1. Immediate Moisture: The instant you apply this product to your hair, it aids in restoring moisture and sustains the hair while it is up in a twist or braid style.
2. Softens Hair: With the added moisture comes the softening of course or natural texture hair, making it that much more manageable. 

3. Adds Shine:  Carol's Daughter Loc Butter also adds shine to my hair and that hair that is added, making my twists shiny as new. 

4. Tolerable Scent: The scent is noticeable but not overpowering and when you finish with your twists, your hair is indeed shiny and smells fresh.

I have 4 C hair so, the consistency was perfect and when compared with other loc pomades and gels I have used, this one is not heavy for my hair type. However, it should be noted that for someone with a softer/lighter texture, this pomade might prove to be a bit heavy for their hair type. 

**This is not a paid sponsorship or endorsement of Carol's daughter but an honest review.