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Motivation: Finding Ways to Motivate Your Friends

In life, most of us seek good friends to be a part of our world. Friends are an essential factor in our mental growth. As children, our friends are playmates, fitting a particular mold for the games we like to play. As teens, our friends help to shape who we are influencing our behaviors in both good and bad ways. As adults, our friends become our partners in crime, ideally supporting us through the good and bad. They are like family to us in so many ways, wearing many hats to help keep us afloat when nothing else makes sense. Sometimes, our friends know us better than our family.

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With age comes discretion; the people we choose to keep or let in our lives evolve. Whereas a child you may have had twenty people you thought of as friends, at the age of 35, there are only two people in your life you qualify to be your friends. There are only two people in your world that you trust implicitly with your deepest and darkest secrets. Quality becomes more important than quantity.

However, in our quest to have good friends, we must also look at ways to be a good friend. Just as we expect our friends to support us through ups and downs, we must also do a bit of self-reflection and evaluate our status as a solid, dependable friend. 

A good friend can motivate their friends. He or she is supportive and motivates others to choose the best path. When your friend is about to trot down the wrong path, you should be there to point them to the better path. A good friend will never shy away from speaking the truth.


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Of course, while you may have life experiences to pull from to educate others in your life to save them from absolute failure, you also should take the time to evaluate you. Find your way to positive experiences and examine the good in your life. If you dare to inspire others to seek out good things, most often they will pause to consider your attitude, behavior, and attitude about life. Remember that if you strive to motivate others, you can only do so through action and not just speech.

To inspire motivation, you must be the person a friend can trust and be cautious to avoid judgment along the path to motivation. Loyalty matters a lot in friendship, maintain loyalty with your buddies, keep their secret a secret if they want it to because there is no remedy of a broken trust.

To motivate, you must have the respect of the individual you are hoping to elevate. Remember to be empathetic. Listen and try to understand their point of view. Always make your friends feel heard.