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Seven Summer Styles for Natural Hair!

by Calynn Lawrence


The summer time is awesome for all of us! Breaks from school, trips to the beach, steamy vacations and fun in the sun are all cool things you can do! But, the question is: What do you do with your hair? Do you style it up, down or to the side? Or do you just cut it all off? Well, this article is going to give you 7 summer hairstyles that you should try in the warm months.

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The Side Braid

The side braid is a style that can be worn by anyone with hair that is shoulder length or longer. It's cute, simple and only takes about 5 minutes! But, the best part is that it can serve as a protective style. By keeping your ends squared away, it helps protect them from bad weathering elements. 

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To achieve this look, start with freshly washed hair that has been air dried with a leave in conditioner. Then, apply a light scoop of a holding hair gel to the perimeters for a sleek appearance. To make the side braiding easier, choose the side on which you want the braid to hang and brush the hair all to that side. Starting at the opposite side at the hair line, begin creating a French braid that wrap all the way to opposite side . Secure this with either a rubber band or a scrunchy. After you have done this, you may spray with a holding spray to rid of fly aways. Then, you're done!

The Wavy Bun with a Bang!

The wavy bun with bang is very romantic and chic. It would serve as the perfect go to hairdo for a date with your significant other. It's also very quick to complete. Start with an old braid out or twist out. You want your hair to have a consistent texture. Be sure to apply an oil, not a moisturizer, to the hair prior to styling so that it will have a sheen. Separate the front of your hair as this will be the bang portion. 

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With the back section, create a loose high ponytail for the bun. Do not brush the hair, you want this to look beautifully effortless and you want to maintain as much texture as possible! Fold the ponytail underneath and secure with another scrunchy to create a rounded shape. Then, taking the front portion of hair, bring it around the face and pin it behind the ear to create the illusion of a bang. Then, you are done!

The TWA or Teeny-Weenie-Afro

The TWA or Teeny Weeny Afro is a style that only the bold will dare to wear! Although it is lovely and very low maintenance, most naturals prefer to have longer hair to work with. The TWA is great for if you want to be chill during the summer, literally!


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By your hair being cut into a shorter style, your body temperature will not be as hot. It also gives you the ability to wake up and go. With most hair textures, a TWA only requires a spray bottle mix of oils, conditioners and water, and a styling product like a gel, a curly custard or a mousse. If you are the type of person that likes to keep it low key, then a TWA will most likely work great for you. However, it is advised that you meditate on your decision before chopping your hair off because it can be a huge difference in the amount of versatility between hair that is BSL , bra strap length, and hair that is 3 inches long.

The Natural Ponytail

The natural ponytail is a cutesy hair style that brings a youthful glow to its wearers. We all remember those days of sitting between our mother's legs, getting our puff brushed. To achieve this look, it is best to start with damp hair. Apply a nice moisturizer and oil to the hair for softness and shine. Afterward, apply a nice amount of gel to the perimeter and the length if you you want your curls to be defined as well. Taking a boar bristle brush, slick the hair into a high ponytail. Using a thick band or scrunchy, secure the ponytail. You can separate some of the curls to add volume and height if desired. To preserve the style, you can tie a scarf around the perimeters until it is time for you to leave out. Now, you're finished with your ponytail!

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The Rod Set

The rod set is a phenomenal go-to style for when you want to rock curls in the summer time. Because they are simulated curls, they are less likely to frizz than your natural texture. You want to start with freshly washed, damp hair. Apply a combination of leave in conditioner for moisture, oil for sheen and setting lotion for hold. 

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Depending on the side of your rods, roll the hair in small to medium sections. Be sure that you are rolling the hair taught so that the roots will be well stretched as well. Allow the hair to dry, either underneath a hooded dryer or air drying. When you take down the rollers, be sure to do so carefully so that you don't disturb the curls. If you want, you can run through the hair with a wide tooth comb to create a uniform curl pattern. Spray the hair with a holding spray to diffuse the frizz and you are finished!

Summer Locs

This style is perfect for those natural haired ladies who are dreaded up! Summer locs is basically a twist out on dread locs. You are going to take your dreads in small sections and spray them with a light wax. This is because your hair will be harder to hold by it already being in a dread loc state. 


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Then, taking two sections of hair, twist them tightly around one another until you reach the ends. To finish it off, you want to spray the hair with a holding spray. This style can last up to a month if preserved correctly!

The Wash N' Go!

The wash n go is perfect for those naturalistas who want to embrace their God-given curl pattern! Each person goes about a wash n go differently in terms of specific products. However, everybody has to do the basics. Start with wet or damp hair that is freshly washed. Then, apply a leave in conditioner and a styling agent. You can allow the hair to air dry or diffuse the hair with your blow dryer. Once you're done, you can work your fro!

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There you have it! These are your 7 summer hairstyles for natural hair. Try them out and see which one is best for you and your summer fun!