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2017: The Only Way to Go is UP in the New Year

by MSTY Writer Staff
The new year is finally here and New Year’s Resolutions are underway for many while others are avoiding the thought of setting goals for 2017. One hates to utter the numbers of the year that just passed or reflect on all the things that did not seem to allow the stars to align in our lives and the world. 2017, however, is offering us a way out and up. There is no time to look back or contemplate all the wrongs of yesterday. Your time is far too valuable for that in 2017!
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Rather, the new year is ushering in yet another chance to achieve new things. That’s right! You get an opportunity to set new goals, aim for bigger and better things. Notice, there is nothing here that says you get to “start over.” Sure, the new year is all about new beginnings, but there is no need to “start over.”  Last year, the motto, a promotion of “New Year, New You” suggests transformation. In 2017, we want you to elevate your thinking and raise yourself with the motto, “The only way to go is UP in 2017”.

The Only Way to Go is UP in 2017 challenges us to do bigger and better things. Challenge, yourself in new ways, to rise to the next level in multiple areas of your life. Do you have to make a lot of changes at once? Not at all! 2017 New Year’s plans, resolutions, goals, after-thoughts –whatever you want to call them are going to be about the elevation of self. You can choose one area of your life to elevate, or you can go a la carte, picking multiple portions of your life that need a bit of elevation.

You will rewrite the blueprint for your life this year, and is here to take that step with you along the way. Together we will rise, and we will stumble, but together, our efforts will hopefully elevate us to another level.