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Ten Natural Hair Rod Sets We Love for Winter 2017!

by Staff Writers

Natural hair rod sets are the forgotten protective styling among many naturalistas. Rod sets offer natural hair divas a wonderful alternative to braids and twists as a protective style option. There are many reasons for a rod set aversion. For those with Type 4 hair, rod sets can prove to be tricky thanks to the thick texture of this hair type, choosing the best rod and right product can be tricky. Ultimately, most natural hair divas want hair that is moisture rich and a rod set curl that has some form of definition. There's nothing more frustrating than a bad rod set!

Nonetheless, there are a few natural hair divas who are making this look too easy that are pinning photos of it all over Pinterest. simply could not allow these beautiful naturalistas to go unnoticed. Here are our top 10 picks for best natural hair rod sets!
Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #1: Blue Curls
This natural hair diva shows that a fabulous natural hair rod set doesn't have to begin or end with the curls. The addition of blue color helps this natural hair rod set to stand out among the rest. 

Natural Rod Set Pick #2: Tapered Rod Set

Having short natural hair does not mean that you should shy away from a good rod set. Instead, use your length to create an edgy style that is rich with glorious curls. 

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #3: Freestyle Rod Set Fro

There's nothing more eye catching than a beautiful head of healthy natural hair.This statement is especially true when hair is naturally thick and lush. 

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #4: Cornrow Rod Set Faux Hawk

Trendy but edgy, this natural hair rod set demonstrates yet another technique that helps to further testify to naturalistas and wannabe naturalistas everywhere that natural hair is ripe with versatility. 

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #5: Big Hair Deserves Big Curls!

Okay divas with the long, thick hair, this style is just for you. Here's proof that a good rod set is achievable even with the thickest of hair. With a flash of color, this rod set is beyond the description of eye-catching!

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #6: Bronze Curl Envy

This naturalista makes it look way too easy. Her beautiful bronze hair and rich curls are absolutely stunning. These curls are beyond simple definition and definitely something for naturalistas to aspire to achieving.

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #7: Diva with Dread Rod Set

To our divas with locs, by now you probably understand that you are not immune to demonstrating the versatility of your locs. This natural hair diva certainly demonstrates that a good rod set can make your locs pop!

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #8: Flat Twist Faux Hawk

This flat twist faux hawk with natural hair is edgy with a hint of clean lines and vibrancy. For those of you who love your flat twists, this rod set is an excellent accessory to add to the mix of an already beautiful hairstyle.

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #9: Two-Strand Twist Rod Set

Speaking of twists...nothing sets a two-strand twist out off like a rod set on two-strand twists. Two-strand twists add wonderful body to natural hair, but the addition of rods to the two-strand twist adds a lot of body.

Natural Hair Rod Set Pick #10: Voluminous Rod Set

We enjoy a good rod set on big hair and for those with Type 4B and 4C hair, its always reassuring to see what a good rod set looks like.