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Bentonite Clay for Natural Hair: 5 Reasons to Try Bentonite Clay

by Tara Evans


Clay masks,  for natural hair are here to stay. Bentonite clay for natural hair continues to gain popularity thanks to its ability to have a significant impact on natural hair, but should you give it a try on your natural locks? 

Where Does Bentonite Clay Originate?

Bentonite clay is a natural gift of the earth which has significant benefits for both natural hair and skin. A product of weathered, volcanic ash, this Montmorillonite clay has its origins in France. However, it is also available in Italy, parts of the United States and some countries in Central Africa.

Image Source: Shutterstock/Langstrup Photogaphy

Bentonite clay offers a wealth of benefits that can make your natural hair journey easier.  Here are five reasons to use Bentonite clay for natural hair. 

Bentonite Clay Detoxifies Natural Hair

Natural hair detoxification is a necessary exercise that most naturalistas rarely if ever think about in the course of establishing and maintaining a natural hair care regimen. Toxins can accumulate on your scalp over time, due to your hair’s exposure to different elements in the environment and products as well.  Bentonite clay contains anions, or negative charges when combined with water. This combination allows the anions to act like a magnet, attaching itself to toxins and metals in your hair which have a positive charge. This process allows the clay rid your hair of toxins upon rinsing.  

Beware that when creating your bentonite clay mix, you should avoid doing so in a metal container. Remember, this clay draws metal from hair and mixing it within a metal plate could render the clay powerless. Instead, use plastic containers when mixing bentonite clay.

Bentonite Clay for Frizzy Hair


Bentonite Clay is available in some grocery stores and online at Amazon.

Bentonite clay eliminates frizz and gives natural curls definition. If you’ve got tightly coiled 4c hair and you’re thinking this does not apply to you, you are wrong. Bentonite clay elongates and clumps curls, making it look more defined. Anyone who has ever tried the Maximum Hydration Method (MHM) with bentonite clay will testify that this is an absolute perk of this product.

Bentonite Clay for Clarifying Hair

Part of the cleansing properties of Bentonite clay includes getting rid of build-up that accumulates on the hair due to product use on the hair. It is often seen as an alternative to shampoos due to the non-stripping feel of the hair after a clay mask. However, it should be seen as more of a co-wash than an actual clarifying shampoo.

Bentonite Clay Restores Nutrients and Minerals to Hair

When using Bentonite clay as a hair mask, the minerals contained in it are also transferred to the hair to make it healthier. Some of them include; Sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Bentonite Clay Conditions Hair

Bentonite clay  acts as a conditioner or moisturizer for natural hair, softening natural curls while also detangling it.  However, you should not use Bentonite clay as a weekly or daily conditioner. Frequent use of Bentonite Clay can lead to dry hair. Instead, you should only use this product once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Bentonite Clay Appearances

Bentonite Clay may have different appearances and textures. However, it should have a cream or gray appearance and should have a velvet feel, be odorless and not leave any stains.

Bentonite clays may contain a variety of minerals and get their name from the dominant mineral such as calcium bentonite, potassium bentonite and aluminum bentonite.

Where Can I Buy Bentonite Clay?

You can buy Bentonite Clay products at your local food store or drug store or online at Amazon